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Cloud Chariot is a woman-owned business located in Colleton County, SC to serve small business in the area with a full-service IT consultant.

IT Monitoring

Everything you need, before you know you need it. We take on the worry of monitoring those critical business systems so you don't have to. The monitoring we setup tracks all of the hardware in your computers and servers so it will notify us of any errors before down-time is experienced.

IT Maintenance & Support

Scheduled, frequent, and recurring maintenance and patching to keep you and your organization secure and up-to-date with the latest security patches. This includes Anti-Virus patching, OS patching, application patching, hardware maintenance when required.

Disaster Recovery

How long will your business survive if your servers and computers go down? If the answer is anything other than "we'll be fine" let's talk. It's important to have a robust disaster recovery plan that will cover you in the event of an unexpected hardware failure or data deletion.

Cloud Migration

We'll work closely with you to design and architect a cloud strategy that works for your business. This will first include an evaluation to let us know if migrating to the cloud is the best idea for your business and if not evaluations on when and if it will be beneficial for your business case.

Quarterly Business Reviews

With quarterly meetings, monthly reporting, and careful documentation on your entire IT landscape we aim to reduce the amount of effort on your part to maintain this information. The QBR is important to evaluating how your IT is working for you, future growth, and how we can improve.

IT Consultation

We'll work with you on custom one-time projects to develop a strategy and project plan of deliverables. These service is available for companies who maybe aren't ready for a full it helpdesk but still need the support of a reputable company in their IT projects.

Strategic IT Plans

This is a plan and roadmap for how your IT is going to shift over the years, the associated IT policies and procedures that are in place for your organization, and how certain events are handled such as hurricane evacuations and readiness when it comes to your critical business systems.

New User Onboarding

Hiring a new employee is difficult enough when not taking into account all of the accounts, workstation setups, and planning that needs to go into that. Our company will handle the onboarding with your new employee including account creation, workstation training if necessary, and setup on any other IT systems and cloud services.

Fresh Ideas

We stay on top of the latest in IT trends and growth to evaluate how these systems can benefit your organization. These are typically touched on in the QBR (Quarterly Business Review) however, if there is a critical need these discussions can happen sooner.

Rise to the top

Increase Productivity

With cloud offerings you can improve your team’s ability to collaborate and access those business critical assets from anywhere, giving you and your employees the workspace flexibility we all desire with the backing of a full service IT firm.

count on us

Grow your business

Your business can make massive productivity improvements and scale on demand with the right technology. Giving you the ability to do more, better and faster than ever before with quality IT Support and Services.

save that green

Cost Savings

Better cost control and the ability to reduce your overhead through predictable billing and automation that can boost your bottom line.

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Ask Us Anything

This depends a lot on the circumstances centered around your business. For some, it may make the most sense. There’s some questions you should ask to determine this.

1. Do I expect employee growth over the next 2-3 years? 

2. How old is the equipment on-site right now and is it going to be end of life soon?

3. Do my employees have a need to access company resources from anywhere?

This of course is not a robust answer, but you can work with us and we’ll figure that out for you!

The purpose of an MSP (Managed Service Provider) is to reduce how often your employees and company needs to call in for support. You know your IT is working well for you when issues are fixed behind the scenes and without you experiencing down-time.

This is highly dependent on your organization, the size, and scope of work. I would highly recommend setting up a no-obligation meeting with Angela to discuss. We can get you a round about answer on cost pretty quickly once we know all the circumstances. 

We will always have someone on call for after hours emergencies. 

IT monitoring and maintenance means we have an alerting platform that is tracking your workstation and servers hardware for errors. This helps us to catch failing hardware and fix it before your workstation or server crashes. 

There is no downside to having the conversation. We can determine whether our services can fit the needs of your business.

We absolutely provide remote service and try to fix the issue on that first phone call if we can. If it can be fixed remotely there is no reason to cause excessive downtime by scheduling a tech on-site. 

Phone, e-mail, contact form, or schedule a meeting through our bookings page here.

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