Your Computer Could Stop Working Today

Apple Macbook on a Desk with Coffee and Notepad.

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“But that won’t happen today” you say.

We all think this won’t happen to us today. I’m guilty of it as well. We tend to take advantage of things, not because we don’t appreciate them while they are here but merely because we become so accustomed to them being there that we do not even stop to consider the alternative.

Well, I got used to my trusty Dell XPS laptop. It was a great laptop, I used it for many months both in my personal endeavors and business. I loved how lightweight and thin it was, the way the keyboard typed, and even it’s annoying nuances like when I would try to unlock with my biometrics and it wouldn’t recognize. It became somewhat of a trusty pal. This laptop was my livelihood, I did a lot of typing and editing on it while my twins were still newborns and I did feel somewhat emotionally attached to it.

I had backups on both an external hard drive and OneDrive was also keeping a copy of my data so I wasn’t concerned about losing access to my data and files. I had that safe and sound. What I was concerned with was the fact that while I was just about to join in on a conference call my screen went black.

“Hm”, I thought. “that’s weird”

The keyboard was still lit, so I thought perhaps the battery wasn’t able to charge fast enough (it was at 3% just a few minutes prior… all-be-it plugged in). So, I powered it off, kept it plugged into the charger and waited.

It Wouldn’t Turn On…

5 minutes later I return, attempt to turn the device on. Keyboard lights up. Good right? Wrong. The screen never came on and after a couple of tries I get the dreaded battery code, 2 amber 1 white. CPU error. My computer refuses to turn on. I spent a couple of hours trying desperately to get my computer to turn on and after several failed attempts I finally resigned myself to the fact that I need to replace it.

It happens to all of us, even us “techies” experience IT issues. The problem is that we usually hold off as long as possible to fix ours. 😀

I had to get a new laptop yesterday, but the setup was streamlined and painless. The only bit of setup I had to do was sign into the machine, download an app, log-in to the app and wait about 15 minutes. All of my applications installed (Office, Adobe Premiere Pro, Edge Browser (just login to get password manager and bookmarks back), OneNote, OneDrive, Anti-Virus, etc. And all of this on a Mac, even.

Implement your Security Configurations

In addition to this, it also creates a security configuration on the computer that is configured to your organization’s security standards and guidelines. This includes ensuring your firewall is turned on, that there is a secure password on the machine, and other standards that we would define with you and your organization prior to deployment of this.

I know… It’s never fun to talk about your security configuration. But it’s another important conversation that we need to have. With the growing number of threats out there it’s important that we implement a comprehensive IT strategy with cybersecurity at the forefront.

Streamline your IT Environment

There are many ways for us to streamline your IT and make it more user-friendly for you. From setting up a new computer to connect to your line-of-business applications, to configuring e-mail encryption for your users, and deploying a Windows Virtual Desktop setup in the environment.

If you don’t have a streamlined and painless new computer setup procedure let’s talk about integrating that into your environment. There are steps we can take to make this process as easy as possible for you and your staff.

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Apple Macbook on a Desk with Coffee and Notepad.

Your Computer Could Stop Working Today

“But that won’t happen today” you say. We all think this won’t happen to us today. I’m guilty of it as well. We tend to

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